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Meet Mike Tschida, maintenance supervisor for the City of Upsala

Mike Tschida, Public Works Director

The public works department works diligently to attend the needs of our community. The Public Works Director and assistants are responsible for the general maintenance and repair of all public streets, water treatment plant, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, public buildings, parks and other facilities of public trust. They also assist other Municipal Services Department functions and operations, including on-call duty.

If you have any concerns or need help, please call the Public Works Director at (320) 250-0753. If it is not an emergency, the call will be answered the following day.


Public Works Director: Mike Tschida
Assistant Maintenance:  Sylvester Tschida

Assistant Maintenance: Mike Kiley

Upsala Public Works flushing out our water systems
A glimpse at the inside of our plant at Upsala
Upsala Public Works working on a manhole in front of the Upsala School
Borgtrom Park
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