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City of Upsala First Response Vehicle parked inside
City of Upsala First Response and Upsala Fire Department gear
Upsala First Response Logo

The number one priority of the town of Upsala is to ensure the safety of all residences and businesses in Upsala and the surrounding areas. Our department, consisting of 17 volunteer Emergency Medical Responders are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365-days a year to serve their community.

The Upsala First Response Team enjoys connecting with our residents and supporting local businesses. Our department meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. for training and education. Check out the Upsala Fired Department and the Upsala First Resonse combine Facebook page

Meet our Team

Andrea Douvier, President

Andrea Douvier, President

Danielle Haus, Vice President

Danielle Haus, Vice President

Marybeth Doucette, Secretary

Marybeth Doucette, Secretary

2023 Upsala First Response Officers

PRESIDENT: Andrea Douvier


SECRETARY: Marybeth Doucette

SAFETY OFFICER: Seth Strassburg


2023 City of Upsala First Response group photo

2023 Upsala First Response Team: (back row): Billy Koopmeiners, Seth Strassburg, Marybeth Doucette, Ryan Bonde, James Warga, Sam Warga, Tina Steuck, James Douvier, (front row): Amber Koopmeiners, Andrea Douvier, Danielle Haus, Kyle Breth, Garrett Doucette, Andrew Wensmann, Nicholas Johnson. Not pictured: Dawn Janssen and Carrie Wensmann.

If you would like to join our department, please contact city office at (320) 573-4950

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